Neem Oil for Plants

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Neem oil is a naturally occurring organic pesticide for plants, extracted from the neem tree seeds. It is yellow to brown in color, has a bitter taste, and has a garlic/sulfur smell. Many gardeners pick Neem oil for their gardens as an insecticide. Why neem oil? It can safely be used on fruits, leaves, stems, and soil as no dangerous residue in the soil and fruit, and effectively reduces or kills pests, as well as prevents powdery mildew on plants.

Neem Oil for Plants
Neem Oil for Plants



How to use neem oil for plants

Neem oil is an effective and natural way to control pests and diseases in plants. Here are the steps on how to use neem oil for plants:

  • Dilute the neem oil: Mix one teaspoon of neem oil with one quart of warm water and a few drops of dish soap. Shake well to ensure it’s thoroughly mixed.
  • Apply to the plants: Use a garden sprayer to apply the neem oil solution to the plants. Make sure to spray both the tops and undersides of the leaves and the stems. Avoid applying neem oil in direct sunlight or during the hottest part of the day, as this can cause leaf burn. Applying in the evening is the best time, as it will allow the treatment to absorb by the plant. Also, do not use neem oil in extremely hot or cold temperatures. And do not apply to any plants that are stressed due to drought, overwatering, or recently repotted.
  • Repeat regularly: Neem oil is most effective when applied regularly as neem oil will help kill pests and keep away fungal issues., so plan to spray your plants once every one to two weeks.

Please Note: Neem oil can be harmful to bees and other beneficial insects, so avoid spraying it when flowers are in bloom. Also, test a small area of your plant before applying the neem oil solution to the entire plant to make sure it does not cause any damage or discoloration.

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